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The Odyssey of Time

A unique theatrical experience created by Jean-Paul Bouron

Spectacle Odyssée du Temps

A method that has proven itself and tends to become commonplace: by understanding their past,  patients resolve the blockages of their present.  But there is always an exception to the rule, and that's what this  evening the therapist: when the young and depressed Florent comes to consult him, both  ignore that he was first - among others - gladiator, explorer, samurai, desperado,  inventor in the Renaissance and elegant in the Belle Époque ... A life calling a  other, here they are both embarked on a crazy investigation through the ages.


If you never know which life you will find again, one thing is certain: this trip will not leave anyone unscathed!

Ancre 1

Welcome to our hypnotherapy practice! 

Are you ready to try your first "regression"? Our psychotherapist uses an original method to say the least: he places his patients in a state of hypnosis to allow them to relive their past, sometimes distant, and sometimes even ... their previous lives! 

Spectacle Jean Paul Bouron
Ancre 2

From Antiquity to the last century, 20 artists, actors, stuntmen, musicians ... take you on an inter-temporal investigation!

Ancre 3


Great Stage performance of Chesnay

Nov 13


Nov 14

Great Stage performance of Chesnay


Representation Rueil Malmaison

Nov 19


Midnight Première shows

Rediscover the pieces made by our company. We offer fully assembled concerts and shows, calling on the best artists, singers, actors, dancers and musicians. Imagine Le Café-concert Offenbach, with orchestra in Napoleon III costumes, lyrical singers and dancers! Ask us for a show retracing Trois Siècles de Danse; extracts from Bourgeois Gentilhomme by Molière; a baroque music concert at the court of Louis XIV with costumed musicians or a cancan show. Whatever your desires, we offer a unique and tailor-made event for your guests.

Spectacle Midnight premiere
Chambord - Le Chat (c) L+®onard de Serres (47).jpg

- Puss in Boots

This show, specially written for a young audience, is made up of a series of paintings recounting the various adventures and trials of the Marquis de Carabas, guided by his cat.

Photo 52.jpg

- Beauty and the Sleeping Beast

This show specially written for a young audience, consists of a series of paintings recounting the different adventures and trials of Laideronnette to find Serpentin, from which the witch Magotine separated her.

fastes de la Grande Ecurie

fastes de la Grande Ecurie

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